I’m sure you have heard plenty from the news about the current state of affairs in the real estate and mortgage market and formed your own opinion by now. I’m curious—what is your opinion?

My goal with today’s message is to impart a deeper understanding of exactly what it would take to get your home sold in today’s ‘new world.’

I know that you have some important things that you want to accomplish. I would love to arrange a consultation with you to hear about your unique situation. After listening to you talk a little bit about your circumstances, I believe I’ll know how best to help you. To make absolutely sure my services are the right fit, I will ask you a few questions.

As I listen to your answers, I’ll let you know immediately if I don’t think I’m the right consultant to help you. Before I ask you those thought-provoking questions though, I will show you how I work, and if you don’t think you’re the right client for my consulting service, please let me know immediately as well. Sound fair enough?

What’s really important to you?

The biggest chunk of our time is spent discovering what is really important to buyers and sellers about the property.

I will ask you some thought-provoking questions to help you discover what is valuable to you. I have learned that when your values are clear, your choices are easy. Now, maybe you’re already clear about what you want to achieve, and if that’s the case, then I can suggest to you what your best options may be.

What are your options?

I have a strong opinion about what is best for our clients; I will always share with you what we believe to be your best options first

Most of the time, we can narrow your options down to four different directions you can take; we will explore all four when we meet. After we are clear on what’s important to you, and you know what options are available, then I will share with you what we do, how we do it, and for whom we’ve been able to do it in the past. 

What makes our approach different? 

What is truly important in today’s marketplace is a good, honest education about what homes are selling and what homes have just been listed.

Experience shows that the homes that sell seem to have five things in common:

  1. The homeowner is inspired to sell their home. In today’s ‘new world,’ with less than a 12-month supply of homes for sale, a homeowner can no longer expect to just list their home and have buyers flocking to the doorstep like it was in the ‘old world.’ At our initial consultation, we will explore whether this is the right time for you to sell and if you have enough motivation to compete with all the other homes currently on the market.
  2. The homeowner is clear about the 30-, 60-, and 90-day time-testing price strategy. After discovering what is really important to you, I will suggest a 30-day price, a 60-day price, or a 90-day price. It’s important to realize that the price of your home determines how fast or how slow it will get sold.
  3. The homeowner is aware of the Best In Class Strategy, or BIC. The BIC is a method we use to get the home in the condition that makes it most salable. The homeowners who focus on getting their home in BIC condition sell quickest and for the highest current market value.
  4. The homeowner is willing to remove all obstacles standing in the way of the home sale. In the ‘new world,’ the homeowner who seriously wants to sell their home must be ready at all times to creatively market and show the home and negotiate all offers.
  5. The homeowner is willing to help get the word out. Although I will do 90% of all the marketing for you, I will need some help on your end. There are a few simple things you can do to help spread the news that you are selling your house.

If you have any questions about this process or real estate in general, please reach out via phone or email. We would love to help you in any way we can.