What are the four-point inspection and wind mitigation reports used for, and how are they beneficial for buyers in the Florida Keys? 

These reports are used primarily to inform insurance companies about the condition of older homes, and they may provide discounts on your insurance policy. A wind mitigation report assesses a home’s existing safety features that may make it less likely to be damaged during storms. 

As part of the wind mitigation assessment, an inspector will check out your windows, doors, roof, and any other additional units attached to the dwelling. For the four-point inspection, it matters less what type of construction the home is (concrete, brick, etc.) and more about the condition that construction is in. 

“These inspections are needed to determine what type of credit you’ll be able to apply for your home.”

It’s recommended that every homebuyer schedule these inspections. They’re needed to determine what type of credit you’ll be able to apply for your home. 

Since these reports impact hombuyers’ insurance policies, cash buyers and mortgaged offerers will both need these. A four-point inspection may take an hour to an hour and a half, whereas the wind mitigation inspection may only last 30 minutes. Keep in mind that a full inspection of a home could last anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the house’s size.

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