As a Keys buyer, how much of the list price should you offer? If you’re a seller looking to stir up activity on your listing, what does our market tell us is a normal list-to-sale price reduction?

“Most sellers can expect a total list-to-sale price reduction of around 9%.”

Sellers who don’t see enough activity during the initial term of their listing (i.e., few showings and no offers) likely need a price reduction. In our area, it usually takes an average price reduction of 5% off of sellers’ original list to get offers flowing in. Then, depending on the marketplace, we’re seeing buyers come within 4% to 5% of that new list price. That means most sellers can expect a total list-to-sale price reduction of around 9%, though that figure varies from the Upper Keys down to Key West. 

On the flip side, if you’re a buyer who’s discussing a property’s history with your agent, you’ll first want to check if there have been any price reductions. If a property is priced quite aggressively or you see that there’s been a fairly standard price reduction, then you’ll know that coming in at 4% off of list price—that Keys-wide average—is a strong place to start. Naturally, everyone wants to negotiate for as much as they can get, but avoid lowballing the seller. To have a seller counter your offer is normal, but you don’t want to come in so low that the mere thought of humoring your offer is offensive to them. 

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