We’re back again with Hans Van Aller with Lowkey Home Inspections to discuss the importance of having a home inspection done, for both buyers and sellers. It’s critical to have a home inspection because they’re an excellent way to identify any potential issues with a house. Both buyers and sellers run into trouble if they do not have an inspection done. 

For buyers: 

For buyers, a home inspection is crucial because it could be used for a contingency in your contract with the seller. An inspection also shows warning signs to buyers. If a buyer has an inspection done, they can use any issues found in their negotiation process if a seller does not fix something. Inspections help buyers to plan ahead and feel confident about what they’re buying. Home inspectors go top to bottom, inside and out, and typically take about two to four hours to look over everything in a property. They’ll check the electrical, plumbing, attic, roof, the home’s structure, and so on. We always encourage buyers to have a home inspection done before closing.

“Inspections help buyers to plan ahead and feel confident.”

For sellers: 

Home inspections are beneficial to sellers pre-listing because you can take care of any considerable issues with the house before buyers see it. This is an essential step in seller preparation. You don’t want to be caught with unanticipated issues coming to light when the buyer does their inspection. We highly recommend sellers have a pre-listing inspection for this reason. What you don’t know can hurt you. 

Lowkey Home Inspections have a wonderful software program that they use to distribute their home inspections. It’s called Home Gauge and it’s a platform they store all their inspections on. This way, buyers have access to the report whenever they need it. Buyers will have a username and password to enter into homegauge.com that will allow them to access their files. They also send us real estate agents a copy. 

If you would like to contact Hans, call (305) 363-8969. With further questions about home inspections or anything concerning real estate, reach out to us via phone or email. We would love to help you.